I am the enemy.

OK, so I am the enemy.

The enemy of all those who would design, develop, deploy and maintain systems that ride roughshod over people who are the most vulnerable.

The enemy of all those who would think only of investing in, creating, and encouraging technologies that increase their own wealth at the expense of others.

I am the enemy that wishes to protect people from online-enabled harms like eating disorders, performative violence, child sexual assault material, crypto scams.

I am the enemy that wants to bring people together to love, share, and connect over shared interests and build long lasting friendships and positive communities, not ones that spiral into mires of hate and self-loathing.

I am the enemy that sees a future where technology is built for the good of society, and not destructive to today's and tomorrow's people in the service of a fantasy science fiction future.

I am the enemy that sees a technological future that serves society and helps it achieve its goals of equality, fairness, reconciliation, safety, peace, and all the other things that exist to make us flourish in a global community of human beings.

I am the enemy that requires trust and safety, technology ethics, social responsibility, sustainability, risk management. The things that make people pause and think about what they will do before they do it, and guide them to making a choice that will benefit society as a whole, not just themselves or their bosses.

I am the enemy of narcissistic, selfish billionaires who think that the future is just for them and their legacy.

And I'm actually pretty okay with that.

I'm also the enemy of really bad philosophy, just by the way.

Fight me.

Forgive me for a little bit of a self-indulgent outlet for frustration about a certain “manifesto”. While slightly tongue in cheek, I also mean it.

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